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Spotlight Dance Academy teaches a curriculum that is both developmental and progressive in nature. It prepares the student for advancement to a more difficult skill level while maintaining a focus on mental and spiritual growth, encouraging respect and appreciation of the art, and by stimulating creativity through choreography and performance.

Our school environment is positive, non-competitive, and encourages teamwork and respect for others. Our goal is twofold; to promote confidence and individuality by teaching and encouraging every student to explore and develop their artistic self through their expression of dance; and to promote lifetime fitness by providing a healthy and positive recreational dance program for all students. The program continues to grow and change with the needs of our students, however, exceptions are inherit and are subject to the discretion of the instructors or directors.

Beginning with the Children’s Program and continuing through the most advanced pre-professional classes, Spotlight Dance Academy provides children and adults an opportunity to explore the world of dance, experiment and learn technique, and enrich their appreciation for the various forms of the art.

Curriculum-based courses strengthen the dancer’s technique as well as develop artistic skills. The language of dance, as well as knowledge of correct structural and muscular placement, becomes second nature as students begin a concentrated focus in the different disciplines. There are no prerequisite classes or minimum class requirements; however, students are placed according to both age and ability.