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Creating Artistry (Ages 8+)

The philosophy of our Pre-Professional Dance Program and Competitive Dance Troupe:

Competition is part of what we do, not all that we are. Although we seek to create exemplary dancers, most importantly we aim to mold exceptional individuals whom are self-disciplined, self-motivated, hardworking, honest individuals.

Lifelong friendships are formed within our Pre-Professional level dancers. All of our dancers, no matter what level, perform together and are a part of the SDA family. The SDA Pre-Professional parents are the driving force behind our program. They work together and support their children’s interest and education in dance.

SDA Pre-Professional Alumni are currently working in the professional world: Disney Cruise Lines, Wicked the National Tour, Awesome 80’s Prom on Broadway, Major Modeling Contracts, and as master teachers and judges for Conventions and Competitions.

Class Offerings: