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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages of students do you teach?

Age 3 years old through adult; beginners through advanced level. Please see the class offerings tab for specific age and level information.

What are SDA’s enrollment periods?

The Studio offers three different sessions: Full Year Session-36 weeks, 6 Week Session offered in October, January, and April,  and a full and diverse Summer Program offered June-August. Please contact the office at SDA for details on enrolling at any point in time.

How do I receive a current or future Studio schedule and Studio information?

Please contact our office and make sure you are on our mailing list. Also, our website is available for all current information.

Do you have a lot of boys at your studio?

We have always had a very high proportion of boys and it’s not uncommon to have one or two or more in any class. We also offered all boys classes that incorporate hip-hop and rhythm techniques. The boys (young and old) enjoy the challenges of dance as well as the healthy bodies they derive from classes.

What are other benefits of dance?

The benefits of dance are many: Increases in confidence, self-esteem, logic, critical thinking, coordination, rhythm, public speaking abilities, creativeness, and academics are just a few benefits. Not only are many muscles finely tuned, stretched and strengthened, but the brain develops the ability to concentrate and absorb information at a quicker rate over many years of practice. The emphasis on structure within the classroom and the studio as a whole creates a sense of positive discipline that can be carried into all areas of life. Dedication and commitment to choosing a positive and creative activity, such as dance, creates lasting self esteem for children and adults. Also, the hard work and practice that is put into Showcase choreography produces a true sense of pride and accomplishment for the dance student.

Will I be the oldest one in the class?

If the class offered is not age-specific (only the Young Dancers Program is ages specific), then usually there will be a variety of ages in most classes. Even in the case that there may be a great age gap between a few students, the environment and tone that the teacher sets is such that everyone feels very comfortable.

Can a beginning child take a trial lesson or observe before enrolling?

At our studio we have built a reputation for excellence and certain standards which we always maintain. We have a professional teaching staff and therefore we are confident that the student’s experience will be a valuable one and recommend seasonal enrollment periods. You may accompany your child to observe a class of interest.

My 9 year old child isn’t interested in ballet, what do you recommend?

If the child likes to move and has a lot of energy, hip hop, jazz and tap as examples, are great choices because they are very cardiovascular and fun. It’s not uncommon to develop a sudden passion for ballet when the child is older.

How do I know what dance genres to enroll in?

It’s always best to contact our Office, we will guide you through the selection process especially if you are new to dance.

What are the best subjects to take for young students?

Ballet, known as the foundation of dance, develops posture, grace and attention to detail. Combine this with tap, which develops rhythm and musicality and you have a powerful beginning. This is why our Young Dancers Program classes consist of ballet and tap and tumbling.

Do the students have a performance at the end of the Season?

Yes! We have a community favorite Student Dance Showcase where students perform choreography in beautiful professional costumes in front of their families at Grand Haven High School Performing Arts Center. It is a true theatrical dance opportunity for the students.

My child is very serious about training for a possible career. What should they enroll in?

By contacting the office, we will, with the teacher’s input, suggest an accelerated training schedule. Ballet is the core of all serious dance with additional subjects added to cross-train the student. The repetition of multiple weekly ballet classes is recommended to instill proper muscle conditioning and memory so that the beauty and artistry is fluid and second nature to the student.

How I know if my child is placed in the correct level?

If at any time during a our full season a level change is warranted, the teachers, in their professional capacity, will recognize this and initiate a change. Parents can rest assured that we monitor student’s progress on a weekly basis.

What’s the difference between a recreational and pre-professional studio?

There are numerous things that help to define the difference. SDA, as a pre-professional studio, is dedicated to the preservation of dance both from the historical perspective as well as from the artistic perspective of the professional-world. As a pre-professional studio we have specific policies to insure that the students receive distraction-free training. The teachers are professional. Our building is state-of-the-art with the large classrooms, and includes floating floors with professional marley flooring overlay to reduce slipping and injuries.

Do you offer private lessons?

If studio schedules and instructor time permits we do give offer private lessons. Please call SDA at 616-850-0060 for details.