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Learning How – 6 week Classes

6 week classes are introductory dance classes with a shorter commitment time than our full season class.  Classes are taught at the beginning level.
New curriculum is introduced in each six week session.

  • 6 week classes are offered beginning in October, January and April.
    Registration is available on line 1 month before classes begin
    To see registration info hover over schedule tab at the top of our website and then click on specialized classes.
    Schedule and Registration for our 2022 January 6 week session will be available December 17th, 2021

    No Registration Fee
    No showcase participation.
    No Dress Code
    Age spans are a bit broader (2-3 year increments) instead of 1-2
    Fun, full of energy, with structure.
  • Examples of 6 Week classes offered:
    Pre-I: creative moment, tumbling  Ages 3-5
    Ages 6-8: creative movement, rhythm dance and tumbling.
    Other classes are age and genre specific
    Ex:   Beginning Hip Hop ages 8-12, Beginning Ballet ages 7-9

Class Offerings: