6 week Class Information

We will not be offering 6 week classes during the 2020-2021 Season. 

6 week classes are introductory dance classes with a shorter commitment time than our full season class.
Classes are taught at the beginning level.
New curriculum is introduced in each six week session.

  • 6 week classes are offered beginning in October, January and April.
    Registration is available on line 1 month before classes begin
    Registration schedules are available in September of each season.
  • No Registration Fee
    No showcase participation.
    No Dress Code
    Age spans are a bit broader (2-3 year increments) instead of 1-2
    Fun, full of energy, with structure.
    Examples of 6 Week classes offered:
    Pre-I: creative moment, tumbling  Ages 3-5
    Pre-II: creative movement, rhythm dance and tumbling. Ages 4-6
    Other classes are age and genre specific
    Ex:   Beginning Hip Hop ages 8-12, Beginning Ballet ages 7-9

30 minute class $60.00 per session
45 minute class $70.00 per session

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