7&8 Class- age 7-8

Class Description

This level of dance class will focus on ballet and tap technique and includes tumbling. Learning how to move through a full 1 hour class correctly is a goal. Our 7&8 year old dancers build strength and body awareness and control. These are transitional and exploratory classes for most dancers, usually, the last class taken before preferred disciplines are chosen or multiple classes become necessary to properly train for well-rounded advancement.


New students should follow the guidelines mentioned above. Returning Students are placed in a class based on an evaluation from the previous dance year. However, the teacher has the authority to reassign a class level, following an evaluation of the student’s first class.

Level I classes are designed for the age specific dancer that has little to no organized group activity experience.
Level II classes are designed for the age specific dancer that has had group activity experience.

7&8 I & II Dress Code:

Leotard- Colors Black, Pink, Burgundy or Grey
Tank, Short sleeve or Long Sleeve styled leotards
Tutus and Skirts are A-Okay!
Pink Pleather, Leather or Canvas Ballet shoes
Ballet pink matte tights

Hair securely off face. No large jewelry.

Boys- White, Black, Grey T-shirts, Black sweat pants or shorts
Black Pleather, Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes