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The Journey Begins (Ages 3-8)

Children’s Program ages 3-8  Our 36 week full season dance classes are developed for specific age groups and designed with social and development purposes in mind. Our high-energy class will expose the children to the joy of movement and music, while helping them develop basic motor skills, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. Dancers will explore a creative themes through the use of dance and music. Basic tumbling skills will also be introduced. SDA will introduce specific ballet and tap positions, terminology and placement through imaginative music and fun upbeat themes

We have an age appropriate curriculum for 3, 4 and 5 &6 and 7&8-year-old dancers as we know these age groups vary widely in their abilities. At SDA we utilize props such as beach balls, hula hoops and various musical instruments to supplement our classes. Each class consists of individual skill building, across the floor skill building, working with a group and working one at a time all while having Fun with a Purpose.

Level I classes are designed for the age specific dancer that has little to no organized group activity experience.
Level II classes are designed for the age specific dancer that has group activity experience.

Class Offerings: