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Class Schedule Availability

Spotlight Dance Academy offers year-round dance training

Our full season dance year is 36 weeks in length with scheduled breaks according to holidays and school vacations. Please refer to the calendar on our website, your dance calendar, or the back of your GUIDELINES for a complete breakdown of such events.

2022-2023 Studio Guidelines and more pdf

Our 6 week classes begin in October, January, and April

These classes rotate to offer different genres and ages levels. Six week schedules are usually on the website one month prior to the start of classes.

Summer sessions begin in June and end in August

We offer camps, clinics for ages 3-8, as well as the most popular Princess Camp. SDA short beginning level classes for all ages, it is a great time to try something new. Drop in classes and guest teachers are a part of our Intermediate-Advanced levels. Dancers at this level can create their own schedule tailored to the needs.

News and Information

News and Information will be posted on the website, our face book page, our remind text system and emailed to you.

There are constant updates and reminders sent to our families via email. They are also posted on our website, along with important dates. The sole purpose of this communication is to keep you informed of the events occurring in our dance program. Please read these thoroughly to keep communications open between yourselves and our instructors. A newsletter with specific costume, picture day, and student showcase information will be available in November. If for some reason you do not receive a letter, all current publications are available at our front desk. PLEASE CHECK THE INFORMATION BOARDS IN THE HALLWAY REGULARLY.

Inclement Weather in Michigan

While area schools may close for busing reasons, most often the roads are clear and safe by early afternoon. It is our intention to remain open for all scheduled classes. The status of classes will be available by 2:30 p.m. on the studio answering machine our WEBSITE, and FACEBOOK PAGE  if we must close for severe weather conditions. An email will be sent to all families as well. Also, we will post closing status on WZZM13.  Classes canceled due to weather will not be rescheduled, this is an act of nature.


It is very important that you make every effort to attend all classes, as excessive absences and tardiness can hinder a student’s progress. While there are some understandable excused absences (illness, funeral, mandatory school/church functions), it is your responsibility to come to class. Good attendance is imperative as the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.

**Any student ages 9+ who misses more than 5 lessons between the months of January through May and is planning on performing in the annual Student Showcase must make up such classes (not including children’s classes) as privates at the instructors convenience and at private lesson fees or they will forfeit their performance in the Showcase.

We hope that by enrolling your child at Spotlight Dance Academy you intend to take an active part in helping maintain an enthusiastic interest in dance for your child at all times.

Studio Policies

  1. We expect students to respect instructors and fellow students at all times.
  2. No food is allowed in the studio, however sealable drinking bottles may be brought in by students taking more than one class per day. All leftover snacks must be disposed of in the outside garbage dispenser.
  3. For safety reasons, students may not have gum or wear jewelry in.
  4. We expect all students to keep the lobby, classrooms, and bathrooms CLEAN. Please pick up after yourself and/or your child. All children under the age of 16 must be seated at all times in the lobby. Siblings and friends of dancers must stay in the lobby only and must be supervised at all times. There is no yelling, screaming, or running allowed in the studio or lobby. No one is allowed to run/play in the parking lot.
  5. If any dancer or her/his family is destructive to SDA property, the dancer’s guardian is responsible for damages.
  6. Upon entering the studio, a positive and professional attitude Is expected of all students, siblings and parents.
  7. Each dancer must mark their belongings clearly with their full name. This makes it easier to return lost items.
  8. Kindness matters!   All dancers and their families are expected to treat each other, the studio and its staff with kindness and respect

Tuition Payment Options


Cash—Check—Credit Card—Direct Debit (ACH)

We now have automated payment processing on the 1st of each month. No more late fees with this option! A Payment Plan Authorization Form is available in the office to enroll in this service. You must enroll by the 15th of each month to be included in the following month’s billing. Monthly payments can be dropped off at the SDA office or mailed.


Students must notify the office in writing if discontinuing lessons by the 15th of the month. Payment is required until the office receives the written notice. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.

No refunds will be given for classes paid in full for the year after the 4th class of the season for any reason.

Tuition is not per lesson or per week and is not pro-rated for partial months if a student misses classes.

Spotlight Dance Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to classes.