Pre-I age 3-4

Class Description

Beginning with the 3-year-old child, the pre-dance-I class exposes the child to creative movement, music, and direction. The student learns large and small motor skills (moving sideways gracefully, balance on 1 or 2 feet, weight transfer and more), how to stand on or in line, take turns, and basic ballet terminology and phrases. They participate in developmental games and learn short choreographed pieces to initiate memorization.

Goals include spending the entire 30 minutes in the classroom with our staff member, participation in activities and following directions, and collecting stickers and finding a parent waiting outside the door at the end of class. The 3-year-old preschool dancer does not need tap shoes; however, a pink, black or burgundy leotard and pink ballet shoes are required for young ladies and black sweatpants a white shirt and black ballet shoes are required for young men.


New 3 year old students begin with our Pre-I classes. If you dancer will be turning 4 before December please call the office for suggestions. Returning Students are placed in a class based on an evaluation from the previous dance year. However, the teacher has the privilege to reassign a class level, following an evaluation of the student’s first 6 weeks of class.



Pre-I Dress Code

Leotard- Colors Black, Pink, Burgundy or Grey
Tank, Short sleeve or Long Sleeve styled leotards
Tutus and Skirts are A-Okay!
Pink Pleather, Leather or Canvas Ballet shoes
Ballet pink matte tights

Hair securely off face. No large jewelry.

Boys- White, Black, Grey T-shirts, Black sweat pants or shorts
Black Pleather, Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes