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The Very Beginning (Ages 2-3)

Creative movement classes for little dancers ages 2-3.  These classes are USUALLY included in our 6 week sessions- October, January and April Sessions.  We will be offering a session in January of 2022.
We will offer short summer sessions for this awesome age group
We create an amazing experience for our littlest dancer’s.

Music, movement, balance and basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner. These young dancers do not have mom, dad or another loved one by their side during the class, and this may be your tiny dancers’ first introduction to a group activity. We recognize our responsibility and take it very seriously.  Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along in a way that is fun, positive and appropriate for children 2-3 years of age

We include enriching activities to foster social growth and character development.

See the specialized classes option under the schedule tab for days, times, and when to register!

Class Offerings: check back for summer 2021, and fall 2021 class schedule information