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Student Dance Showcase

2024 STUDENT DANCE SHOWCASE - June 7 & 8, 2024
Dancin Day and Night 2024!

All Young children’s, Beginning, and Intermediate I and II may perform in one show only and have one dress rehearsal.

The mandatory dress rehearsals take place during the week before the show, not necessarily on your dancer’s scheduled class day. All dancers are eligible and encouraged to perform, however, it is your choice to do so.

Below, you will find the 2024 Student Dance Showcase Grid which contains information regarding your dancers dress rehearsal day and time and their Showcase day and time.

Click Here To Access The 2024 Student Dance Showcase Grid

All rehearsals and Shows are at Grand Haven High School Performing Arts Center

Current 2023-2024 Dancers:

The theme for this season is “Dancin’ Day and Night 2024.” All music will revolve around our trip around the sun for 24 hours.  Super Fun!

Please carefully read our 2024 Student Dance Showcase FAQs below.

SDA Showcase 2024 FAQ’s




Tickets for Student Dance Showcase will be available for purchase online on our website to our currently enrolled SDA Families on Monday, May 14th at 12:00 PM using a priority code that will be emailed to you.
Tickets for our Student Dance Showcase will be available for purchase on our website to the public two weeks later, on Monday, May 20th at 12:00 PM.

Monday June 3rd at 12:00pm tickets are no longer available online. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for $17.00 each. Ticket quantities at the door will be limited and can be purchased with cash or check only.

You may access www.DanceRecitalTicketing.com via our website at www.SpotlightDanceAcademy.net.

Children sitting on a parent’s lap will not need a ticket. Any SDA dancer who would like to watch a show they are not dancing in does not have to pay for a ticket, call the office for you individual labeled wrist band.



Please send each dancer with their ENTIRE costume both for both the dress rehearsal and the show. Please refer to the Showcase Quick Look sent home with your dancer and emailed to you to make sure you have everything. Due to a lack of time, we will not be able to dress your dancer.

Pre I through 7 & 8 II: Arrive at the theater in the main part of your costume with a cover-up. Wear FOOTED BALLET PINK MATTE TIGHTS (NOT SHINY) for both ballet and tap routines.

Beg. & Up: Bring your costume(s) separately (wear a leotard with your tights and we will show your where to change into your costume upon arrival). BALLET classes wear FOOTED BALLET PINK MATTE TIGHTS (NOT SHINY). For Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Lyrical classes, please refer to your Showcase Quick Look.

This is the time for our dancers to get a feel for the stage without an audience. We have a very good group of people working with us backstage. All dancers will be supervised throughout the entire evening for both dress rehearsal and the show. Each dancer will be met at the stage door upon entering the theater and we will personally show them to their assigned dressing rooms. A parent must initial the drop off and pick up sheet at both dress rehearsal and the show for ages 3 – beginning  levels.
No dancer ages 3 – beginning levels will be released to anyone other than a parent unless permission is given in writing in advance.

ALL PERSONAL ITEMS SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE DANCER’S ENTIRE NAME IN CASE OF LOST ITEMS.  All costumes, shoes, and accessories should be placed in a dance bag labeled with the dancer’s name. The dance bag should be labeled also!  If your name is not on your belongings and they are lost, we cannot help you. This includes tights!