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Summer Dance “Re-Imagined” the SDA Way!

Safety Procedures

All staff will perform a thorough hand washing at the start and end of every class and use hand sanitizer during the class as appropriate.
Instructors will eliminate hand holding and hugging from our classroom routine. “Air hugs and high fives” will become our new norm for now.

Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the studio and frequent hand-washing will be encouraged.
We will rely on parents to check the temperature of their child at home before leaving for the studio. Of course, if your child has any signs of sickness, please keep them at home for a minimum of 72 hours.

Our lobby/lounge will be closed at this time due to capacity MiOsha limitations . Dancers should bring minimal and condensed items to the studio for their classes. All dancers will be leaving their personal items in the classrooms. Please have your dancer dressed and ready for class when they come into the studio as we cannot change in the restrooms.
Dancers should come to the studio with a full water bottle, as our drinking fountain will not be available for use.

Dancers in our Children’s 3 day themed Dance Camp will use the 2nd door only to enter and exit the building. Front doors and the door to the studio will remain open unless there is bad weather.
We ask that parents of dancer’s ages 9 and under use our google form to confirm they have made use of our pre-screen checklist we have provided.  

Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Levels
Dancers in our Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Classes will enter our Main door (closest to the 3rd street), and exit through the backdoor of Studio I



  • At this time, we will be limiting dancers and  staff members.
  • Check In Procedure: Dancers should enter the door closest to their dance room.  Please arrive no more than 5-8 minutes before your class starts. Once dancers have entered their studio, our staff will take attendance and temperatures. All room assignments are notated on our website and in your parent portal. Parents will not be allowed to wait for their dancer in our facility. One parent of dancers ages 8 and under may walk to the doorway to guide their dancer into a class. 
    • If our dancers are late for class we ask that you remain outside until our hallway staff can check you in.  
  • Check Out Procedure:  All parents must meet their dancer outside our front/back door or in the parking lot in their cars. Please be reminded of our parking lot safety rules and avoid blocking traffic in and out of our studio parking lot. 

SDA Princess Camp—Your Princess is cordially invited by our SDA Queens to attend three days of magical dancing and making new friends. Princesses will learn how to dance like a princess and make magical memories. They will also learn about the values a princess lives by: kindness, patience, honesty and helpfulness.

Let’s Get Glowing– Right on! Calling all groovy girls & guys who love tie-dye, Neon and Glow in the Dark Magic for this 80’s inspired jazz and hip hop camp! “Let’s get Glowing” dancers will dance under the black lights, and disco balls and get ready to perform live at the Retro Remix finale!

Whimsical Woodland—Your dancer will flutter along the pixie path through the Whimsical Woodlands Forest, as all fairies do, in this sparkling dance camp! On the way to the magical waltz, dancers will focus on ballet basics, creative movement, and imaginative activities performed with the friends they meet on this enchanted journey! This fanciful camp is full of fairy dancing, forest friends, and so much more!

Superhero Dance Camp—It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a dancing Superhero! This is a high-energy non-stop dance camp that is catered toward the unmatched energy of a hero or heroine. Superheroes will get to show off their dancing powers and learn what it takes to be a hero! Join us for an out-of-this-world experience!

Trolls World TourGrab your BFFs and get ready to mix up your summer with our Trolls World Tour Camp. You will learn the coolest moves and grooves in this super Musically Charged Camp! In an adventure that will take you beyond what you’ve known before, join Poppy and Branch and discover six different lands and six different kinds of music: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock. Your dance world is about to get a lot bigger and a whole lot louder.

Powerfully Positive Pop StarsNo need to hold the drama or calm down for this fun + sparkly summer dance camp! If you’re a super fan of Taylor Swift, Jojo or the Descendants, then you need to jump right on this trendy tour bus as one of the topnotch dance crew members for Powerfully Positive Popstars! Soon, you’ll be on your way to showing off all your jazz moves and hip hop grooves. Your fans are sure to be star struck when you dance your way to your concert debut!

Let’s Dance, Create, and LIVE all things FrozenThis camp will be love at frost sight for tiny dancers who love Olaf, Anna, Elsa and friends! No matter the season, you will sparkle with excitement at the SDA Frozen Dance Camp. A brrr-tiful winter wonderland filled with whimsical dancing and wondrous wintry games. Show yourself some fun frolicking in the Frozen Funhouse and then sled on over to a ballet-skate playdate with your favorite snowmen. Through a flurry of glimmering crafts and frozen dancing fun, there’s snow way of escaping the excitement of this frosty ballet and tap adventure!

Young Dancers Workshop—This is a 3-day session of dance classes developed for specific age groups and designed with social and development purposes in mind. This high-energy class will expose the children to the joy of movement and music, while helping them develop basic motor skills, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. Each day, the children will explore a creative theme through the use of dance and music. Basic tumbling skills will also be introduced. SDA will introduce specific ballet and tap positions, terminology and placement through imaginative music and fun upbeat

How to Register

You may register online, over the phone, or at the studio.

Class tuition must be paid at the time of enrollment.