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Summer Dance “Re-Imagined” The SDA Way!

Entrance and Exit Building Policies

Dancers in our Children’s themed dance Camps will use the 2nd door only to enter and exit the building. Door’s to the studio will remain open unless there is bad weather.


Dancers in our Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Classes will enter our Front main door (closest to the 3rd street), and exit through the back door of Studio I



  • At this time, we will be limiting dancers and  staff members.
  • Check In Procedure: Dancers should enter the door closest to their dance room. Please arrive no more than 5-8 minutes before your class starts. Once dancers have entered their studio, our staff will take attendance. All room assignments are notated on our website and will also be posted in the studio lobby. Parents will not be allowed to wait for their dancer in our facility. One parent of dancers ages 8 and under may walk to the designated door to guide their dancer into a class. 
    • If our dancers are late for class we ask that you remain outside until our hallway staff can check you in.  
  • Check Out Procedure:  Parents will need to meet their dancer outside our front/back door or in the parking lot in their cars. Please be reminded of our parking lot safety rules and avoid blocking traffic in and out of our studio parking lot. Please do not stop your vehicle at our entrance from 3rd street.

How to Register

You may register online, over the phone, or at the studio.

Class tuition must be paid at the time of enrollment.