Children’s Class Offerings (Ages 3-8)


New students should follow the guidelines listed below. Returning Students are placed in class based on an evaluation from the previous dance year. However, the teacher has the authority to reassign a class level, following an evaluation of the student’s first class.

Children’s Program for dancers ages 3-8.

Pre-dance I – 45 minute class. Beginning with the three-year-old child, pre-dance-I class exposes the child to creative movement, music and direction. The student learns large and small motor skills (moving sideways gracefully, balance on 1 or 2 feet, weight transfer and more) how to stand on or in line, take turns, and basic ballet terminology and phrases. They participate in developmental games, and learn short choreographed pieces to initiate memorization. Goals include spending the entire 3/4 hour in the classroom without tears, participation in activities and following directions, and collecting stickers and finding a parent waiting outside the door at the end of class. The 3 year old preschool dancer does not need tap shoes; however a pink, black or burgundy leotard and pink ballet shoes are required for young ladies and black sweat pants a white shirt and black ballet shoes are required for young men.

 Pre-II Four-year-olds – 60 minute class

Creative movement designed to initiate the beginning of ballet technique is explored and students are introduced to beginning tap technique (pre-dance II). Tap skills help the preschool age child hear rhythm and they love to “make noise”. Continued emphasis is on creative movement, music & games. Pre-II classes have the same requirement as the Pre-I with the addition of black Mary Jane patent leather tap shoes for young ladies and black oxford tap shoes for young men.

Five to six-year-old – 60 minute class

Learn basic positions and terminology and work on very basic technique in both ballet and tap, learn flexibility and strengthening skills, and be exposed to classical music. Emphasis is placed on connecting skills, working well within a group, storing information, and laying the ground work for a lifetime love of dance. Tumbling skills will increase and lay structure to greater coordination skills. The same attire requirements of Pre-II.

Seven-eight-year-olds-75 (7&8 I)  or 90 (7&8 II) minute class

The dance focus is on ballet and tap technique and include tumbling. These are transitional and exploratory classes for most dancers, usually the last class taken before preferred disciplines are chosen or multiple classes become necessary to properly train for well-rounded advancement.