* NEW-10 Week Classes

10 Week Classes
A fantastic Addition to
our Children’s Program

What are they:  an introductory dance class with a sufficient commitment time
that is In-between our 6 week and  full season class.

No dress code
No registration fee.
Age spans are a bit broader (2-3 year increments) instead of 1-2
Fun, full of energy, with structure.
No showcase participation if only in the October and/ or January.
Showcase participation if in both the January and April Sessions.
Costume fee for Showcase due with April Session Payment- $55.00

Pre-I:  creative moment, tumbling

Pre-II: creative movement, rhythm dance and tumbling.

30 minute class $95.00  per session
45 minute class $105.00 per session

October Session
Register beginning September 12th
Begins the week of October 3rd
Finish the week of December 12th

January Session
Register beginning December 5th
Begins the week of January 16th
Finish the week of March 20th

April Session
Registration beginning March 10th
Begins the week of April 10th
Finish the week of June 12th

Available Class Times

10:30-11:00  2-3 years